Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is a Dreaming Room and

A business starts as a dream.

Dreams eminate from our imagination - the greatest gift that we are given as Entrepreneurs.

How do we build these dreams and put them in an environment to grow and blossom ?

Well, going into a Dreaming Room is one great way to jump-start (or start anew) your practice in 2009.

My friend and mentor, Michael Gerber, has created such an environment to allow the creative juices within every entrepreneur to flow. His Dreaming Room is a one-of-a-kind experience that I participated in last summer.

Now Michael knows that, at the time, I was more interested in getting his endorsement for my Exiting Your Business book than learning how to Dream - that was my motivation to attend his presentation. However, as life would have it, I was pleasantly surprised when I went through the Dreaming Room exercise to see that I could detail and expand the vision that I had at the time for this exit planning business.

I showed Michael a vision that I had of being on national television, telling the story to millions of business owners and advisors and having them appreciate the importance of this critical area of planning for business owners. In this entrepreneurial dream, I saw myself being interviewed on the topic in a way that would literally create a market for this new concept.

As many of my readers know, the reality of that dream came to fruition last month as ABC News interviewed me on this topic. That broadcast reached more than 44 million people. And once again last week when I was interviewed live on New England Cable News (NECN). Click here to check it out!

Exactly as I had envisioned it in the Dreaming Room, this experience manifested in real life.

Specializing in Business Exit Strategies, John M. Leonetti, Esq., M.S. Finance, CM&AA founded Pinnacle Equity Solutions to provide exit strategy planning services to business owners as well as education and training programs for professional advisors. To learn more about John's Exit Strategy Services and his recently published book, "Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth", visit ExitingYourBusiness.com

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