Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Increase Your Exposure to Business Owners

One of the best ways to increase your exposure to business owners is through a marketing plan that consistently makes a high quality contact with them at a low cost (both in terms of dollars and time) on your part. Therefore, as mentioned last week, one of the greatest benefits of a Pinnacle membership are the two new Exit Strategies Newsletters that are available to you at the start of each month. These newsletters can be customized with your company information and logo and mailed to business owner clients and prospects to educate them on planning their exit strategy. Whether you choose to send this information out by mail or email (as described in last week's newsletter), having the newsletter pre-written and delivered to you on a consistent basis will be the first step in increasing your exposure in your area.

The Pinnacle System of marketing and prospecting includes exit strategy planning topics that are drawn from the upcoming book, Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth - A Strategic Guide to Owners and Their Advisors. By using this system, your business owners can receive customized content on the exit strategy planning topic that they are most interested in (remember that we archive old newsletters for you to choose which ones to send to each separate owner), and you can take from that content and respond to the owner's request. For example, an owner may have an interest in learning more about an ESOP transaction because an ESOP was mentioned in the bi-monthly newsletter. That's great - you can forward along additional information from the archived database.

After that, if the business owner wants more information, you can forward a copy of the book - referencing the Chapter and verse that you quoted. From there, the business owner looks to you as a true solutions provider whose advice is integrated into a larger training and delivery system; a system that you can use to design a customized exit strategy plan and get paid for delivering this unique and valuable service.

With the power of these tools, you can maintain a focus on exit strategy planning as you run your day-to-day business. And, as we indicated last week, much of this can be done on an automated basis with today's technology and Pinnacle's content and ongoing support.

As always, I hope this information is helpful to you as you further consider incorporating exit strategy planning into your advisory practice.

Specializing in Business Exit Strategies, John M. Leonetti, Esq., M.S. Finance, CM&AA founded Pinnacle Equity Solutions to provide exit strategy planning services to business owners as well as education and training programs for professional advisors. To learn more about John's Exit Strategy Services and his recently published book, "Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth", visit

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